In a new article, Amit Kaushik looks at human-animal relationships in conservation

May 16, 2024

In “Alice in Chains: Ground Staff Heroes, Conservation Realities, and Reflecting on William Cronon’s Insights,” Amit Kaushik (PhD Student, ICON and Anthropology) explores the intricate human-animal relationships in conservation and the unforeseen events that arise from them. The article highlights conservation’s inherent risks and complexities through often-overlooked conservation heroes, such as Budhram, a dedicated mahout, and Rambahadur, his loyal elephant. The story shares their crucial roles in shaping and preserving the natural world, emphasizing how these unsung heroes hardly become visible to tourists as spectators visiting these protected areas. Additionally, it revisits William Cronon’s reflections on wilderness, examining its enduring relevance even after 30 years.