Research by Wezddy Del Toro Orozco & colleagues looks at the use of social science research in conservation practice

May 7, 2024

ICON Student Wezddy Del Toro Orozco collaborated with other members of the Community of Practice in Human-Wildlife Coexistence (CoPCoex) on a recent paper that explores how social science research is used (or not) within biodiversity conservation. In the publication, the authors discuss limitations and misconceptions associated with social science research (SSR), such as it is of ‘little use,’ it has ‘less methodological rigor’ than research in the natural sciences, and, above all, it is unreliable because ‘people lie.’ They also present recommendations for the effective incorporation of SSR in biodiversity conservation.

Publication title: ‘People lie’: overcoming obstacles to incorporate social science research to biodiversity conservation.

Published in the journal:

 “Desenvolvimento e Meio Ambiente”. The publication is available in Portuguese and English.