Spring 2023 Reading Club on New Visions for Conservation

February 1, 2023

ICON/CICR is excited to announce the formation of a new “CICR Reading Club” series that aims to critically engage with the literature and explore new paths forward for conservation. Our goal is to gather monthly to discuss shared readings and have a conversation as a community. This semester, the reading club is focused on the theme of next year’s Integrative Conservation Conference, “New Visions for Conservation.” The idea is to engage with the critiques of the field, such as the deeply problematic ways in which settler colonial practices and narratives have shaped the modern conservation movement, as well as visions put forth for the future of the field (by both critics and more establishment thinkers).We hope that these conversations will inspire the ICON/CICR community to think collectively through the troubled history of the field to envision more inclusive and just futures for the field. We also hope to use this as a platform for informing the organization and facilitation of future events, such as ICC, helping us to be more mindful hosts.

This semester’s theme is “New Visions for Conservation.” It will take place over monthly exchanges on the following sequential sub-themes:

  • Troubled Histories (and Presents) of Conservation
  • Questioning Assumptions 
  • New Visions for Conservation