Wezddy Del Toro

Ph.D. Student

Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources


Advisor: Dr. Nate Nibbelink


Wezddy has experience in studying mammals, acting on the following subjects: modelling, ecology, biology and conservation of mammals, spatial patterns in animal populations, geographic information systems and human dimensions of the conflict with felines. Wezddy has been constantly updating her knowledge and experience in techniques and methods for studying and conserving mammals, as well as in analysis and management of human-felines conflict. She has been actively collaborating in interdisciplinary projects of ecology and conservation of diverse species of mammals since 2005 in different countries. Since 2013, Wezddy is member of the Ecology and Conservation of Felines in the Amazon Research Group (Instituto de Desenvolvimento Sustent√°vel Mamirau√° (Amazonas, Brazil). Wezddy is member of the Jaguar Alliance. Current PhD student at the Integrative Conservation PhD Program of the University of Georgia.

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