ICON students learn about bird banding

November 1, 2023

By Kanchana Balasubramanian

ICON hosted a bird banding and hiking event at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia on a crisp fall morning, October 21, 2023. The event featured experts Cody Cox (an ICON alumnus), Clay Delancey, and Heather Gaya, who demonstrated bird banding techniques. Through this unique experience, ICON students were afforded an opportunity to get hands-on with avian science. The participants got to observe the experts set up mist nets to capture birds, record data, and fit unique leg bands and radio transmitters for future identification and tracking. All birds were captured and tagged by trained professionals according to proper state and federal bird banding permits.

ICON students also enjoyed a morning hike along the scenic Oconee River later that morning, providing more birdwatching opportunities. Thanks to everyone who participated for making it a memorable and educational experience.