CICR Affiliate Resources

CICR strives to serve as a bridge for faculty from different disciplines and units across campus.  We encourage all interested faculty and staff to consider applying for affiliate status. Each year we hold an annual meeting of the CICR faculty and staff affiliates.

As part of the CICR community, affiliates are encouraged to leverage CICR’s institutional capacity, network of experts, and growing reputation as a leader in integrative research for their own research activities and proposal preparation. Support services provided by CICR include:

  • Staff assistance with some proposal preparation/administration logistics from CICR.
  • Use of CICR offices and conference space in the Holmes-Hunter Building.
  • Possible incorporation of the Integrative Conservation (ICON) PhD program into educational aspects of research and/or broader impacts (to be discussed with ICON Director before proposal submission).
  • Potential support from ICON Research Assistants (to be discussed with ICON Director before proposal submission).
  • Co-sponsor funding to support bringing innovative researchers and practitioners to campus.

CICR is a Center of Excellence within the Owens Institute of Behavioral Research (OIBR); OIBR manages CICR’s research grants (non-training grants). Running a research grant through CICR, and therefore, through OIBR, provides you with access to the following resources:

  • Staff support for proposal preparation from OIBR, including budget development, proposal and budget justification review, and proposal submission coordination. All UGA faculty with a behavioral research component in their grant can run the grant through OIBR on an individual basis and therefore have access to OIBR research support services (i.e. they do not have to affiliate with CICR to work with OIBR on proposals or grant management).
  • Statistical support from OIBR.
  • Mobilization of both OIBR’s and CICR’s network of experts in integrative research and methodologies.
  • Complete post-award accounting and grants management support at OIBR.

We encourage affiliates to consider allocating 100% of the “Center and Institute credit” to CICR for grants run through CICR/OIBR or for grants that have benefited from faculty affiliation with the center. Center and Institute credit can only be accrued by centers and institutes and does not detract from the academic credit received by departments. It also does not affect F&A flow. Allocation of credit helps CICR track its research activity. Decisions made regarding center credit should be reflected on the proposal transmittal form.

We also encourage affiliates to notify us of any integrative research that has resulted from your affiliation with CICR so that we can feature it on our website and through social media.

In addition to research collaboration and proposal development, other ways to get involved with CICR include:

For more information about affiliate involvement please email