Jenna Jambeck

Associate Professor
College of Engineering

E-mail: jjambeck AT
Phone: 706-542-6454
Jambeck Research Group
Research Interests
Jenna Jambeck is an associate professor in the College of Engineering at the University of Georgia. Dr. Jambeck conducts research and teaches environmental engineering with a focus on solid waste. The World Bank currently predicts that worldwide, we will not reach “peak waste” before 2100. This means that our waste quantities will continue to grow on a global scale as population increases and per capita consumption increases with economic growth. Her work often interweaves social context and sciences with technical aspects. She has conducted numerous research projects including those related to contaminant fate and transport during waste beneficial use, chemical fate and biological processes within disposal systems, sustainable and innovative waste management practices, and marine debris. She is also working on the emerging scientific waste issues of the global flow of waste (e.g., plastics) into the ocean, culturally relevant technology in environmental engineering, and citizen science related to our environment (e.g., marine debris). As we continue to evolve from waste management to materials management, a new paradigm is being created and the Jambeck Research Group strives to be at the forefront of this transformation.