Bynum Boley

Assistant Professor
Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

Research Interests
My research interests focus on sustainable tourism with a special attention to the congruence of a destination’s emphasis on sustainability and its overall competitiveness. Specifically, I feel that preserving the character of place is a component of sustainability that makes a destination unique and provides a competitive advantage to attract tourists. This translates into a need for both supply-side research as well as demand-side research. Supply-side research questions that interest me include examining resident attitudes toward tourism, the management and marketing of natural and cultural resources, and how to best maximize tourism’s economic, socio-cultural, and environmental benefits. Demand-side research questions that interest me surround the identification and segmentation of niche travel segments that have the potential to bring the most benefits to destinations. The findings gleaned from the demand-side research can subsequently be used with the information gained from the supply-side research to create marketing and management plans that match resident values with tourists’ preferences.