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Featured Researcher: Adam Henne


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Adam is a student associate of the┬áCenter for Integrative Conservation Research, and a PhD candidate in University of Georgia’s program in environmental anthropology. At the moment Adam is in Chile conducting fieldwork with environmentalists, foresters, scientists, loggers, and labor and indigenous activists. This is research towards his dissertation, currently titled something like “The Social Life … More ›

Featured Researcher: Eial Dujovny


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A Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Center for Integrative Conservation Research, Eial Dujovny recently received a PhD from the Department of Ecological and Environmental Anthropology at the University of Georgia. Following twenty-two months of field research in India, Dujovny completed a dissertation titled:┬áCasteing the Net: The Making of a Lagoon and the Emergence of Caste … More ›